Jun.1950 Establish Toshin Co., Ltd.
Oct.1959 Started production of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
Oct.1959 Name change to Toshin Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Jul.1962 Started production of Film Capacitors
Apr.1965 Started production of Carbonic variable Resistors
May.1973 Establish Itakura Denshi Co., Ltd.
Jun.1985 Establish Itoigawa TK Co., Ltd.
Sep.2002 Establish Taiwan Toshin Kogyo
Feb.2003 Establish Toshincon Electronics Factory(China)
Dec.2003 Get ISO-9001 Certification (Toshincon Electronics)
Mar.2004 Get ISO-14001 Certification (Maruko office)
Apr.2004 Get ISO-9001 Certification (Itoigawa TK)
Apr.2004 Started business of LCD module
Jan.2007 Contract with KENJET Technology for Taiwan distributor
Jan.2007 Contract with Taiwan Ostor Corpration for Taiwan distributor
Jul.2007 Get ISO-14001 Certification (Toshincon Electronics)
Jan.2009 Contract with JHD(Shenzhen Jinghua Displays Co.,Ltd.) for LCD distribution in Japan
Jan.2009 Establish Korea Toshin Kogyo
Jul.2009 Establish Qingdao Office in China
Sep.2009 Tie-up with Sunlord which makes EMC parts in China
Oct.2009 Tie-up with Smart Electronics which makes Fuse in Korea
Apr.2010 Establish Toshincon Electronics second factory 
Apr.2012 Establish Toshincon Electronics(H.K.) CO.,LTD

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