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Privacy Policy

Our business works out on mutual trust with the customer. In this basic recognition, our protection of individual information policy is assumed to be the following one as an indicator to lecture on appropriate protective measures of individual information treated in the business activity under our management.
Information that can identify the individual like an individual name, the address, the telephone number, the fax number, and E-mail Address, etc. and information on the office company name and the post and the official position, etc. are collected from the form respectively on this site for collected individual information.

  1. There is no what offers the third party individual information on everybody who is keeping it without the permission of the person in question on this site for the purpose and the use of the collection at all.
    Our company is escrow and in the third party for the total and the processing as for offered individual information. The contract of which the content is the obligation to keep secrets etc. is previously limited of the handling of individual information judging it ahead and when it reaches a constant level of the system of protection of individual information our company the business consignment in this case ahead the conclusion.
  2. Please let me take measures that accedes to a request about individual information on individual rights that is observed and kept when individual rights are observed, registered information is deleted, and the refusal of use is requested. Please contact me by E-mail or telephone (03-3256-3781) in that case.
  3. There is no what discloses individual information to the third party without the permission of the original registrant as a rule about exemption matters concerning disclosing individual information on this site. However, it is likely to disclose information according to this without the permission of the person in question when there is a request from the organization with the authority admitted by the law besides the country, the local government, and the court and the police and the ordinance, etc. by establishing of the law.

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