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Toshin Kogyo Activities

Company’s policy

We understand that one of the important mission of our activities is to protect the natural environment, and contribute to environmental protection by reduction of the environmental impacts and effective use of natural resources.


  1. We establish our environmental management system and operate it in our activity.
  2. We identify the environmental side effects of our activity, and improve our environmental management system continuously to protect the natural environment.
  3. We follow the lows and regulations, and customers’ requirements to protect natural environment.
  4. In order to improve the environmental performance, we establish the objectives and targets for the following items, and improve it continuously.
    • To provide the products in consideration with the environmental protect
    • Effective use of the natural resources and reduce of their abandonment
    • Steady control of the environmental impact materials
  5. All employees of the Company recognize this policy and make effective use of the constructed environmental management system.
  6. This policy shall be disseminated to all employees as well as publicly available.

1 March 2007
Toshin Kogyo Co., Ltd.
President Kenji Kasahara

ISO14001 Certification

Toshin Kogyo is certfied by ISO14001 standard as follows.

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