2016/12/14 We began handling the X2 capacitor (safety standard product) MPR series of Nistronics
2016/03/31 Signed sales agreement with German acoustic parts maker MUNDORF. Started selling MUNDORF products.
2016/01/05 Sales contract with a German major film condenser manufacturer "WIMA" is concluded. Sale of a WIMA product is begun.
2015/09/01 A business base "Zhongshan Toshin Trading Co.,Ltd." is established in China.
2015/06/01 Start the construction of the solar power generation business in Maruko office
2015/05/01 A sales company "Shenzhen Toshincon Electronic Technology Co., Ltd" was established in China.
2014/02/11 TOSHINCON ELECTORONICS (H.K.) CO.,LTD. was relocated.
2013/08/26 Sale of the metallized propylene film capacitor "MMPNA" series for PFC circuits is started.
2013/08/26 Sale of high ripple and longer operating life (12000H) small aluminum electrolytic capacitor "UTWBX-A" series is started.
2013/08/09 Sale of the substrate independence type capacitor "LGJ" series for audios is started.
2013/08/01 Sale of PPS film capacitor for audios "PPSC", "PPSD", and "PPSO" series and inductor for audios "GE COIL" and "SP COIL" series is started.
2011/04/01 A Chinese homepage was opened to the public.
2010/05/06 Revised the capacitors catalog for power circuit and lighting circuit
2010/04/01 Start manufacturing at second factory in Dongguan of China
2010/04/01 Start manufacturing of mylar 92type film capacitor on commission in China
2010/03/19 Slim type Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
2010/03/05 LCD Module �yColor segment, Black segment, Memory LCD, LCD with touchpanel�z
2009/07/05 Establish Qingdao Office in China
2009/01/10 Establish Korea Toshin Kogyo
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