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1 November 2023
We expanded our product line of film capacitors for power electronics.
1 October 2023
We have concluded an exclusive distributorship agreement with NISTRONICS of China, a partner company in film capacitors that have acquired overseas safety standards, for sales to Japanese customers.

Applicable series  MPR(275V)MPR(310V)MPY
6 April 2023
We have released a new series of conductive polymer solid capacitors.

6 April 2023
Some series of aluminum electrolytic capacitors have been deprecated and we ask you to consider using alternative recommended series.


25 May 2022
Small electrolytic capacitors, bipolar 105°C type, BPUW series are released.
2 March 2022
High Grade Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors for Acoustic Applications UTJH series is released.


10 December 2020
We have registered with the Nagano Prefecture SDGs Promotion Company Registration System.
20 November 2020
The agency contract with Korea Toshin Kogyo Co.,Ltd has been cancelled.
6 July 2020
Released a new series of "metallized polypropylene film capacitors".

6 July 2020
SolutionPDF has been added to the Handred Products page.
6 July 2020
We have entered the "Health Promotion Challenge Declaration"
1 June 2020
The handling of iDisplay products has been transferred from Unit TK Corporation.
14 January 2020
Released MPR series 310V product.
14 January 2020
Information on discontinuation of MML-E series production.


2 December 2019
Sales of electric double layer capacitors started.
2 December 2019
Absorbed and merged with domestic production base Itoigawa TK Corporation.
New name is Toshin Kogyo Co., Ltd Itoigawa factory.
18 August 2019
Songtian Electronics (STE), a manufacturer of medium- and high-voltage ceramic capacitors, varistors and thermistors, has begun handling.
4 April 2019
Certified as a Japanese agent by WIMA.
1 February 2019
Address of Hong Kong and China office has changed


3 September 2018
Toshin Kogyo Co., Ltd. homepage was renewed.
10 April 2018
Opened the homepage of the related subsidiary [Unit TK Co., Ltd].


21 July 2017
We began handling the "UNICON" brand tubular type electrolytic capacitor (CE02).
26 June 2017
Development cost free campaign for monochrome custom LCD is in progress.
8 May 2017
We have updated our handled items (Resistance, Disk Sela, LCD, Capacitor etc).
27 April 2017
Start handling electric double layer (Super Capacitor)
3 April 2017
We updated pamphlet of Capacitors for Audio equipment
1 February 2017
Start handling the resistance of Tateyama Science Industry Co., Ltd.


22 December 2016
Itoigawa-shi gratefully condolence at large fire occurrence

A large-scale fire occurred in Itoigawa-shi on 22 December 2016, but we wish to express my heartfelt condolences to everyone who suffered damage.
Itoigawa TK Co., Ltd., our manufacturing base, was away from the afflicted area and was injured.
We would like to thank you all for your kind support from us.

14 December 2016
Start handling X2 capacitor (safety standard product) MPR series of Nistronics.
7 November 2016
Germany's first exhibition at Munich electronica 2016

First exhibition at "Munich electronica 2016" held in Munich, Germany from 7 November to 13 November.

25 August 2016
Passed factory review of products for SoftBank

16 August 2016, We conducted the factory examination of products for Softbank network book by Korea HUMAX at our production subsidiary Itoigawa TK Co., Ltd. and passed.

23 August 2016
Emperor and Empress visited Kasahara Industry's "Former Tokidakan Silk plant facility ".

The Emperor and Empress who are resting in Karuizawa visited the "Former Tokidakan Silk plant facility " of Kasahara Kogyo (Kasahara Group) in Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture, and they visited for used wooden warehouse and other facilities used for drying and storage of cocoons.

1 June 2016
Started adopting high-end acoustic maker Accuphase Co., Ltd.
2 May 2016
Start handling new OLED modules High contrast, slimmer, power saving than conventional LCD.
2 May 2016
We have enhanced the lineup of LCD module TFT color products.
31 March 2016
Signed sales agreement with German acoustic parts maker MUNDORF

Start handling MUNDORF products.

5 January 2016
Signed sales agreement with German leading film capacitor manufacturer "WIMA" Start handling WIMA products

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